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Shareable recommends The Commoner's Catalog on its holiday reading list!

Climate Justice & the Commons

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"The commons is a powerful space to create community and build power in the fight for climate justice": Blog post by Lauren Goldberg of The Global Center for Climate Justice (January 24), "Restoring Collectivity through the Commons."

Praise from the Twitterverse

"My copy of The Commoner's Catalog for Changemaking by @davidbollier arrived today and I can hardly put it down. It's the kind of publication that needs to be passed through many hands, as we remind ourselves that yes, indeed, another world is possible."  – Grace Mairéad Walsh @GW_1980

"Highly recommended. @davidbollier's latest The Commoner's Catalog for Changemaking. What a delightful read into various commoning practices inspired by the format of The Whole Earth Catalog." --Raphael Arar @rarar

"wonderful book, packed w/inspiring & empowering models."  --Tim McCormick @tmccormick

Lincoln Institute Podcast

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L.L. Sontag of the LVT Revue podcast -- champions of Henry George's land valuation tax (LVT) -- interviewed David Bollier on January 27 about the commons' links to Georgist philosophy. The podcast subtitle puts it, "You Have Nothing to Lose but Your High Rent!"

Ganesh Himel Trading

"You will be inspired, delighted, informed and transformed," declares the fair trade business Ganesh Himel Trading, a fair-trade business importing clothing and artisanal works from Nepal.