Amidst the daunting challenges of our time, there is some great news: The commons is rising. Looking beyond the market and state, commoners are applying their social imaginations and collective power to build a new world of possibilities.

The emerging Commonsverse can be seen in relocalized food systems and community land trusts ... in racial empowerment through collective action and mutual aid ... and in free and open source software, peer production, and platform cooperatives.

Commoning is helping communities to steward scarce water supplies, farmers to develop varied forms of regenerative agriculture, and artists to reclaim control of their creative lives. Ordinary people are becoming more self-reliant through time- banking and collaborative finance, care collectives and gift economies, and alternative local currencies.

In 25 thematic sections, The Commoner’s Catalog for Changemaking explores these and many other transformations through profiles of groundbreaking commons projects, books, websites, organizations, and activist innovations.


 4   Commoning & Changemaking
 6   The Commons Rising
12  Commons Seen as Resources
15  Commoning
19  Rethinking Economics
25  Life Itself as a Commons
30  Commons in History
34  Relocalizing the Economy
41  Reclaiming the Land
44  Convivial Conservation
46  Food and Agriculture
51  Stewardship of Water
55  Encountering the More-than-Human
59  More Livable Cities through Commoning
63 The Powers of Peer Production
66  Digital Infrastructures for Commoning
68 Law & the Commons
74  Learning as a Commons
77  Money & Finance
81  Care Work
86  Racial Justice Through Commoning
92  Cooperatives
97  Arts & Culture
103  Commoning Happens Everywhere
106  System-Change Movements
110  Who Owns the Million Dollar Baseball?
114  Image Credits